Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elder Waidmann's Second MTC Letter

Hello Family And friends!!!!
Today is p-day or preparation day!! It is great!! We are in the computer lab right now emailing home!!! Today has been great so far!! We got up really early and went to the provo temple!! It was so much fun! That temple is so beautiful!! I loved it there and it just felt so good to go! So wow I have been in the MTC for quite some time now!!! Like a week and half!! That is like forever huh??!! Haha just kidding! So the MTC here is so much fun! We are having a great time and it is just so cool here. It is amazing to always be surrounded by so many elders and sisters here. I was talking with one of our zone leaders who left to Chile this week and we just kept saying how cool it was that there were so many people here at the MTC. It is kind of amazing to think about. He said something that I though was really cool. He said just think about it there are over 4000 missionaries here and every single person here will bring at least one person to Jesus Christ and have them come to know of the knowledge and happiness that we have. It is so cool to think about and I am so glad that I am a part of this here!! It just is so cool because I am a real missionary right now!! I never really thought that the day would come but it has and it is so cool to be able to be here and to learn and how to better serve the Lord.
Ok so for questions....there have been a lot of questions so just forgive me if I don't answer them all!!!
Ok so Mom first things first...I love you so much!!! You are awesome! :) Love you more than you even know!! :) Anyway I haven't gained any weight mom don't worry! :) I have actually lost like a pound-ish I kinda go up and down everyday I guess! Oh and so yeah I love the MTC it is so great!! The spirit here is so strong and it is just so much fun! Oh to Dad and everyone who sends me quotes and scriptures from Dear Elder, you guys rock so much!! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for that!!! I love being able to read them and they are so encouraging so thank you so much!! Keep them coming! They keep me strong that is for sure!! :) Oh and before I forget I just want to say thank you to everyone so much for sending me letters. It is so awesome to get mail from you all. I can't even express how happy that they make me. I really do love it so much. I wish I could write back everyday that you all write to me but I only have one day to do that and that day is today! So thank you so much!!! Seriously thank you! It makes mission life here at the MTC so beautiful to know that I have people back at home who love and care about me enough to write me!! :) So my favorite part about the MTC so far has been Tuesday night. It was devotional night. It was so amazing!!! So M. Russell Ballard came. Oh my goodnesss. It was so ridiculously amazing. Right when he walked into the room you could just feel the love that he brought with him and most importantly he brought the spirit into the rooom so much. He talked about how the church and the apostles and the first presidency has put so much trust into young people. And most importantly the Lord trusts us. It is so cool to hear that from an apostle of the Lord. It really struck me because I am so young and I feel like I am kinda inadequate sometimes but that gives me and the other missionaries so much confidence. It was so cool! And guess what Dad and Grandpa!!! My companion and I sang in the choir!! Oh and you know what song we sang :) You don't even have to read the next line I am sure of that. It was Consider the Lilies. It was so much fun and it sounded so beautiful. It was so amazing and I just thought I wish Grandpa was here to hear this :)
Ok so there has been some snow!! It has been pretty cool! Haha get it cool??? :) Just kidding lame pun. Anyway it has snowed a couple of times and now thwe snow is melting quite rapidly. My companion and I made snow angels in some fresh powder after gym time one day and it was so funny!! :) The food is great here!! :) I love it! Well kinda its cafeteria food but is like bomb!! :) Ok Blake I am so proud of you for playing like such a boss in tennis! Way to go and keep it up! Member always stay positive!! :) You will do great I am sure of it! Just focus!! :) You can get some great wins out there!! :) Ok so everyday we have gym time but it is at a different time every day. It is pretty great!! Elder Woolley and I and the other 2 elders in our room go to the gym together everyday and work out together it is pretty fun! I am super sore all the time! It is good though!! :) Ok so I still haven't seen Tanner yet!!! I want to see him so bad!! I am in building 18M and my classroom number is 350!! I would love to see him so much!!! Ah I am running out of time!! Ok so about the Spanish. Last time I emailed home we were about to teach our first lesson in Spanish. Lets just say that it was interesting!! Then we had to teach the next day!! It was pretty crazy!! So then we taught on monday and then on wednesday. It is really hard to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ when you really dont know the language very well. But it is okay because we have been really trying our best to teach by the spirit. It is amazing how the spirit helps when you really don't know what you are saying. IN one of our lessons this week we were teaching and our investigator was asking a bunch of questions and I somehow was able to answer all of them in Spanish. I remembered so much stuff from high school it was crazy. I knew it was the spirit because right when I got out of the room I couldn't even remember any of the stuff that I said. Let me just say though that I am so glad that I went to Spanish branch as much as I did before I left. I am able to understand so much beause I have been practicing listening there so I am so grateful for that. And on wednesday we taught a lesson with no notes or anything. It was crazy but the spirit was so strong. It was amazing. Our investigator wanted to keep learning more and she said that she was so grateful for us coming because she felt the spirit so strong. It was awesome!!! :) Again everyone thank you so mcuh for everything!!! :)
I love you all so much and your letters mean so much to me and I am so grateful for them!!! I love you all so much!!! Life is great and it is so beautiful!! I love you all bunches!! Thank you for always being there all this time!! :) Until next week!!! :)
Love Elder Brandon Waidmann :)

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