Sunday, March 24, 2013

Elder Waidmann's 5th Letter from the MTC

Hi everyone!!! Wow it is Friday again already. Wow!! That is all I can really say it is just crazy!!!! This past week has gone by so fast but it has been really good though. It is amazing how fast the time is flying here in the MTC. It feels like it was just a little while ago I was doing my first email home and now I only have a few left!! It is crazy! So today Elder Woolley and I just got back from going to the temple and that was so fun! It is always great to go there and it is a pretty nice day outside! So the day has been wonderful so far!! I can't believe that I have been out for a month already!!!! It is so crazy! I mean it feels like I just got here a little bit ago and also that I have been here forever at the same time. It is pretty funny! But yeah I can't really find the difference between the two yet :) It is just funny because I am thinking I am leaving in like a week already??? And at the same time I am like wow it feels like I have been here for DAYSS!!! But the thing is I love the MTC. I really do. Yes it is hard and tough every day with all the classes and trying to learn spanish with everything but I am loving it. It is really all about your attitude here and I am doing my best to stay positive and happy always because I know that you all want me to be happy and the thing is....I am!! It is so crazy to be a missionary. Like it really is. It kinda shicks me sometimes when I look down and think..."Wow I am definitely wearing a name tag right now that says Elder Waidmann." But it is so cool though. I am still not used to people calling me Elder Waidmann either. It is pretty funny because it takes a little while to register like hey that is me!! :) So yeah it is just amazing to me that I have been out for a month already!!!
So to the family and everyone. First off thank you to everyone for writing me I really appreciate it. I don't know what I would do without hearing from all of you back in California. You know the promised land :) Just kidding..but really though. Anyway thank you so much for all of the continuous letters and news and continuing encouragement. I wish I could tell you all how much that I love and appreciate it. I am just always smiling an so happy when I get to hear from friends and family back at home. Ok so wow it sounds like tennis season is in full swing!! That is awesome! Keep trying your best Blake! That is all you can do! Just keep positive and upbeat and always be nice to the person you are playing :) They might not pinch lines on you that way. Just kidding! But keep up the good work bro!!! I love you! So yeah keep playing your heart out!! Hey Kels!! Love you! :) Just want to let you know that you are a rocking sister and I love hearing from you! Thanks so much for always being so great and supportive!! You are great! I am praying for you always! :) Evan my bro!! I hope that school and work are going well! You are great!!! Hey mom!!!!!! I love you so much! Thank you so much for all that you do for me! I love being able to hear from you! Guess what! I am 1 down and 23 left!! Oh yeah!! :) It might take a while but just know that I love you so much and I am so grateful for you being my awesome mom!! Dad you are great! Thanks so much for all that you do for me and for the family! Also thanks for sending me the Indian Wells scores!! Ah!!! Rafa!! Wow that is crazy. Fed shoulda won. Just saying :) I miss tennis a lot! I haven't played in forever! I am probably going to be the worst tennis player alive when I get home :) Kirsten!!! You mom you!! Ah it is so crazy to think that you really have a little baby girl. I am so sad that I can't see her but pictures do help :) She is so stinkin cute it is ridiculous!!! So just keep being the wonderful mother that you are!!! And Josh!! Wow thank you so much for sending me that advice to learn the language better. It is tough but I am trying my hardest!!! Thank you everyone for your continuous support and love you all rock!!!
Ok so I still haven't seen Tanner. I am dying!!!!!!!!!! I want to see him so bad!!! :) I would just love that so much!!! It would be awesome because, well I don't know it would just make me so happy :) But I really hope that I can see him beofre I leave that would make my MTC experience complete!! SO to talk about the week. Wow it has been busy. I have been learning a lot and the spirit here is really great! On Tuesday for devotional we had Elder Whiting come so that was really cool! Elder Woolley and I are trying our best to become better at Spanish so we can teach better and it is coming along slowly but surely. And when I say slowly I mean slowly!!! :) But it has been good though!! Ok so guess what???!!!?? So you know how during conference they do the in between shows during the two hour break to fill time??? So apparently they are doing a special on the MTC!!! And they filmed us at choir practice on Tuesday!!! So I have no idea what day it will be on either saturday or sunday but when they get to the Choir part where the choir is singing like 10 thousand legions marching look for me!!!! Most likely with my luck I probably won't be in there but you never know!!! haha so that would be pretty cool!!! :) That is the exciting news for this week :)
Oh for the scripture for my placque (if that is how you spell it!! I have no idea) anyway I am still trying to decide!! I am thinking either Ether 12:27 or Doctrine and Covenants 6:36. So yeah I will figure that out soon!!! Oh and yeah so yesterday we did an English fast. It was where we didn't speak english all day long. WOW!!! Yeah it was crazy!! Let's just say that we were trying really hard!! :0 It was a good experience though!!! And also Elder Woolley and got to do the thing called how to begin teaching on the new groups of missionaries frst day!! Wow it was crazy! We got mics and everything! We just went into a big room of missionaries and started to teach a person and then they took over the rest! It was pretty fun! Then we also got to be the people that pick up the new missionaries up at the curb and that was really cool too! It seemed like that just happened!! But ok so time is up!!! I love you all so much!! Thank you for all of your amazing stories and news!! I love you all! The Church is True!!! And It is amazing. Jesus is our savior and our redeemer and that is what I am sent to do! To spread that message to all that I can! It is amazing!! Lets just say that I know that going to new york is "Meant to Be"!! In the wise words of Chris August :) Love you all so much!!!
Love, Elder Waidmann!!!

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