Friday, March 15, 2013

Elder Brandon Waidmann's 4th Letter from the MTC

Hello everyone!!! Wow oh my goodness another week has flown by so fast. Like it is insane I fell like that I was just doing this a little bit ago. Ok so we just got back from the temple in Provo!!
Wowwwwwwwww!!!! It was so much fun!!! The spirit was so strong and I just love the Temple so much. It truly is the house of the Lord. We got to go with our entire zone which is what we do every week so that was really cool! It was a lot of fun being there with everyone who you are around on a dayily basis. Also our Branch President, President Tyler came with us and oh my goodness. He is amazing. I know I say that a lot, but this man just astounds me on a day to day basis when I see him. His knowledge is just amazing and he has so many stories that don't even seem believable but I know that they are because they come from him of course. He is just such an amazing man. It is crazy to think that on Monday it will only be two weeks until I am going to be in New York. Like OH MY GOODNESS!!! It is so crazy!!! The time is going by so fast!! I love it here!
So this week has been great! I have learned a lot and I continue to learn so much each and every day that I am here. Elder Woolley and I have been having a lot of fun together and everything is really hard with learning spanish but we are doing our best to try to learn as much as we can. So this week we taught our "investigators" who are really ourt teachers on a day to day basis but they play the role of people who they found on their missions and helped them learn the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let me tell you they definitely aren't easy on us. Even though we are trying to learn a brand new language you think they would be right?? Wrong!! :) It is all good though!! We just really have to prepare and learn as much as we can for each lesson. We have had some really tough lessons and also some really good ones this past week. One of them that was really good was with our teacher Hermana Ayala. She is from Guatemala orginally and lives here and works at the MTC. Anyway she is acting as a lady named Adriana. Elder Woolley and I prepared a lot for that lesson that we had and we prayed so much and we just did our best to be able to teach her well through the spirit. We got in there and basically she said that she didn't want us to talk to her anymore. Wow. That is all I could think. But i just tried to stay calm and not be scared. Elder Woolley and I listened to the spirit and were directed so well to teach her. The lesson ended up going really well. We wanted to teach her about prophets originally but we talked to her about how when we grow closer to our savior Jesus Christ and strive to be like him Satan can place doubts in our minds and make us think things that aren't necessarily true. All of this in spanish too....yeah pretty crazy. We had a lot of help from the spirit!! :) But we told her how a living prophet could help her and we gave her a talk from Thomas S. Monson and it was about believing enduring and obeying. Then we ended the lesson. The spirit was so strong and the crazy part was is that Hermana Ayala has to give a talk soon in her ward and she was assigned the topic that we gave her!!! Oh my goodness! It was so cool!!! She said she had been looking for something to talk on and then we gave it to her. I was floored. It is amazing how when you listen to the spirit you can help multiple people. That was just so cool to be a part of. I loved it!!
Ok so I still havent seen Tanner yet!!! I really really want to!!! :) Like that would be so cool! What building does he work in and what days does he work?? I would love to see him! I know he knows where my room is and I am not sure if he has been trying to find me and if he has I guess I have missed him every time so far!! Ahhh! Hopefully soon though!!! It would be a great family reunion!!  Well between the two of us :) But so I got to see Hayden!!! It was so cool! I nearly tackled him!!! I was so excited!! :) It is so cool to see him here!! I just can't wait to find out where Dallin and Connor and Abner are going along with everyone else!!!  How is Cameron doing?? I bet he is doing great!! How about Heather?? Heard anything from the family?? Ok Kirst Addy is just so adorable. My heart just melts every time that I see her beautiful little face! I know you are being such a great momma!! :) I love you so much!! Tell Josh I need some language tips haha :) And I showed the Hermanas in my district the pictures of her and they were all freaking out because she is so adorable. So yeah Addy is loved here in Provo :) I just wish I could hold her so much!! :) 

I am having a lot of fun here. The days are going by too fast and i am realizing holy cow. I still need to learn spanish!!! :) But I also saw Sister Simmons! It's Shane Simmons sister and she is going to Russia!! I don't think she remembered me really well, what a surprise, not!! Nobody ever remembers who I am for some reason I find it quite hilarious. You can ask Abner and Dawn they will totally know who I am talking about if she doesn't sound familiar. So the weeks are just really flying by it is just crazy. But it is so great here. I am learning so much and the Spanish is coming along. But very slowly. Don't think that I am much better because I am not yet haha :) I am trying hard though!! :) So mom!! Guess what??!! I love you so much!!! :) I hope that you are doing well! I love you bunches I wish I could see your happy smile! But your letters rock!! Dad!! I love you so much! Thanks for always beign such a great example to me. I am so glad you are my dad!! :) Blake!! Play hard!! Make me proud bro! I know you can do well! And do your homework and eat your wheaties!! :) Just kidding! But I love you bro!! Kelsey I love you so much sis! Thanks for sending me letters you rock!! I hope you and Evan are doing well!! Be a nurse!! :) Kirsten and Josh love that baby for me!! :) I love you both! And both of my grandma's and grandpas!! I love you all so much! Thank you so much for everything you do for me!! 

Everyone thank you so much for everything and for being so awesome to me!! Thank you all to who is reading my blog! I love you all so much! Pictures will be coming soon!! I promise! I just want to say that loving you all and loving the gospel is so easy :) Just like in the words of Chris August :) I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your letters. They keep me going. I don't know what I would do without my family and my best friends!! :) Thank you for all of your prayers!! I love each and everyone of you so much! yes it is hard here. Yes I miss all of you lots. But nobody said it would be easy. They said it would be worth it. I know that is so true. The MTC rocks and I love being a missionary of Jesus Christ. Love you all so much!! :) 
Elder Brandon Waidmann 

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