Monday, October 6, 2014

Much Love From Corona!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I just recently got transferred and I am in a little area known as Corona, Queens. I learned about this place before I came on my mission that this place consisted of the most Spanish people in the mission. When I heard this it was my dream to serve here. Why? So I could be surrounded by a bunch of Spanish people all the time! Needless to say, I know that God knows His children so
well, because I am now here and it is a dream come true.  I am still trying to take it all in! I love it though!

My new companion is Elder Schenk! He is great! He is full of energy and his Spanish is super good. At transfer meeting we also watched a pre screening edition of Meet the Mormons. That movie is awesome. I would recommend truly to anyone. It is really informative, funny and full of life. I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone who is reading this at least gives the trailer a look!
Because then you will want to go and watch the movie :) Please watch the trailer below and then  and check out their website: .  On their page, you can find a theatre near you, by selecting your state and your city.  Don't miss out!  All net proceeds go to the American Red Cross! 

On our first night here, I was just blown away by how many Spanish people there were around here! :) It is seriously so cool! I was just so excited to talk to the people here. I am so happy. I love sharing the gospel in the Spanish language.  There is still people here from Bangladesh and that made me really happy because I still get to surprise a lot of the people and speak a little bit of Bengali to them which is always a lot of fun :)

We were able to meet some cool people on the street and invite them to come to church with us and to watch General Conference. It is always kinda interesting when you tell people that there is a person that was like Moses that is on the Earth today :) We do have a living prophet on this earth today, who is the mouth piece for God, just as Moses was in his day. God loves us!

The other night we met a really cool family on the street and talked to them for a while! Right after that I started talking to another guy and he about had a heart attack that  Elder Schenk and I both spoke spanish and just kept saying how cool it was that we did, even though I sound like a
total white guy :) But hey I will take the compliment :)

It was a really fun week and I am really grateful to be here! :)

Much love from Corona!

Elder Waidmann