Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Lord did a lot of good here"

Hey there everyone!

I am still in Corona! Yay! Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Schenk is
leaving which is pretty crazy. We were only together for one transfer
but it was a good transfer. I really learned a lot and we did a lot of
good here, well The Lord did a lot of good here.

On Tuesday we visited with an awesome family from Ecuador. They have two little boys who are always running around with a bunch of energy. We have been trying to help them to come to church more often and to strengthen their relationship with God. They came to church last Sunday and it was awesome!! Hallelujah!

I love when people come to church! Because whenever you go to church you feel the spirit, are uplifted and feel good. FACT! That is what I want for everyone. Anyway, They were so happy and he shared his testimony in Sacrament meeting which was fantastic.  The spirit there was so strong. We then watched Earthly Father, Heavenly Father the Mormon message and
wooooo!!! That whole room was basically in tears. It was such a
beautiful experience! 

On Wednesday the senior couple the Bradfords came over to our
apartment to put blinds in because we have bed sheets hanging up as
drapes.  Ha-ha :) She told us that is why we need women in our lives to
make us spiffy and so that way our houses don't look horrible.


We visited a super awesome family. The husband is from Colombia, There is a place in Colombia called Cali, so whenever I talk to people from Colombia I tell them I am from there and they have a mini heart attack every time because they get so excited, but then I say no actually CALIfornia and they just laugh and are like of course! 

Then after that we visited with this family that I met on the street
one day. The guys name is C.  He called us and said "Hey! Do you remember
about our appointment that we have today? It is at 6 and don't go
anywhere else to eat because we are going to give you Lomo Saltado!" I
was soooo excited. I literally have never had that happen in my entire
mission. It was so cool. Someone calling to confirm an appointment
with me??  It was great! The mother,  Milta the mom of the family gave us cereal on the way out as well! Can you say MIRACLE??? I think so! Because earlier in the week I had completely ran out of my important life staple and was dying...okay...not really but I had no food basically and then BOOM! Tender mercy from The Lord! I basically heard a choir singing Hallelujah! In my
head ha-ha! We are so blessed!

On Friday we had a super sweet visit with a family from our ward who
made us bomb Mexican food! Oh man! So good! I love Spanish food so
much. For real. And we had a super fun spiritual thought with them
about how we can restart every week as we take the sacrament. The
lesson was of how as we draw something we can never do it perfect but
every week God gives us a perfectly clean slate through the sacrament.

God is amazing. I have never felt so guided on my mission before. I
know he lives, loves, and guides us. He is a God of miracles. If we
ask for them, then go out and look and work for them, they come. Fact.
I know that to be true. I love my mission and I love this place, these
people and God!


Elder Waidmann

Monday, November 3, 2014

"Life is pretty dang good over here!"


Life is pretty dang good over here in New York. We had quite an
eventful week with a lot of great things that happened.

We did a sweet flash mob activity with the missionaries in Woodside on the 7 train. It was really cool! We sang "A Child's Prayer" (see the video below to hear what we sang) and the people on the train seemed to like it a lot. It was a lot of fun and afterward we did it in one of the stations and because of that a met a really cool kid who I talked to for a while. He lives in Woodside and
told us how he really liked what we did as missionaries. It was a really cool experience.

Friday was such a sweet day! I had so much fun! It was awesome because
it was Halloween and there were sooooo many people outside. It was funny because every time I had eye contact with someone on the street I just yelled Happy Halloween to them it was pretty funny :)
What is different is that here in New York, is that  all of the kids that go trick or treating go from store to store on the street to get candy because everything here is in apartment buildings. It was weird to see but it is pretty cool! That night we have to be inside early so then we planned and I carved a pumpkin! Pretty fun. It was an awesome day.

There is this lady who has a stand by the church where she sells nuts
and coco that are coated with some sweet sugary goodness and she
always has us pray with her and then she gives us free nuts! She is so
cool! She is Colombian and says that she is our mom while we are out
here on the mission ha-ha! I love her! Then I got to dance to that
sweet Ecuadorian music on the street and I was loving it! I got the CD
and everything :) I had to! (See me dancing  in the back left corner, to this sweet music ...below! :D)

After that we did a finding activity right off of the 7 train and I met a super cool kid. He was from Ecuador and we had such a good conversation. It was probably one of
the best conversations that I have ever had with someone on the street
on my mission. He was telling me how he wanted to change his life and
I told him that the Gospel was the answer! I gave him a Book of Mormon
and also some pamphlets and he very gratefully accepted.

Then after that we met up with his guy who I met back in Woodside when I
was with Elder Rogers! It was so cool! He was super nice and we talked
to him in Dunkin Donuts for a while and gave him a Book of Mormon.
Moral of the story is you can literally have a lesson anywhere in New

Last but not least! Everyone should study the talks from L. Tom Perry
and Richard G. Scott from this last conference. INCREDIBLE. They are
amazing. That is all. 

I love you all so much. I am grateful for the wonderful plan that God
has for all of us. He really does have one. We just have to
communicate with Him to figure that out! :)

Much love from Corona Queens!

Elder Waidmann

Monday, October 6, 2014

Much Love From Corona!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I just recently got transferred and I am in a little area known as Corona, Queens. I learned about this place before I came on my mission that this place consisted of the most Spanish people in the mission. When I heard this it was my dream to serve here. Why? So I could be surrounded by a bunch of Spanish people all the time! Needless to say, I know that God knows His children so
well, because I am now here and it is a dream come true.  I am still trying to take it all in! I love it though!

My new companion is Elder Schenk! He is great! He is full of energy and his Spanish is super good. At transfer meeting we also watched a pre screening edition of Meet the Mormons. That movie is awesome. I would recommend truly to anyone. It is really informative, funny and full of life. I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone who is reading this at least gives the trailer a look!
Because then you will want to go and watch the movie :) Please watch the trailer below and then  and check out their website: .  On their page, you can find a theatre near you, by selecting your state and your city.  Don't miss out!  All net proceeds go to the American Red Cross! 

On our first night here, I was just blown away by how many Spanish people there were around here! :) It is seriously so cool! I was just so excited to talk to the people here. I am so happy. I love sharing the gospel in the Spanish language.  There is still people here from Bangladesh and that made me really happy because I still get to surprise a lot of the people and speak a little bit of Bengali to them which is always a lot of fun :)

We were able to meet some cool people on the street and invite them to come to church with us and to watch General Conference. It is always kinda interesting when you tell people that there is a person that was like Moses that is on the Earth today :) We do have a living prophet on this earth today, who is the mouth piece for God, just as Moses was in his day. God loves us!

The other night we met a really cool family on the street and talked to them for a while! Right after that I started talking to another guy and he about had a heart attack that  Elder Schenk and I both spoke spanish and just kept saying how cool it was that we did, even though I sound like a
total white guy :) But hey I will take the compliment :)

It was a really fun week and I am really grateful to be here! :)

Much love from Corona!

Elder Waidmann

Sunday, September 7, 2014

"They just make all the work that we do worth it"

Hello there everyone!

I have been having so much fun here in Woodside. I just love being a missionary. I keep realizing it more and more every day that I am here serving of just how special
the time that I have here is. It goes by so quickly and I am just so
grateful for everyday… For the good and the sad times and for
everything in between because that is what makes a mission just so
worth serving. I am learning day by day on how to become better and to
use what I have learned in the past to help me act now and it just
makes me grateful for all of the things that I have experienced to
help me grow on many levels.

So last week! On Monday Elder Martinez and I returned to Brooklyn! We
went to Park Slope and went out to lunch and got Thai food for his
birthday! It was pretty fun. So we got the same plate of food and the
lady told us that the noodles were mild on the spicy level. So I
thought that mild on the spicy level would be pretty much no big deal
because I have eaten some pretty dang spicy Spanish food right? WRONG!
I was dying! They were so so spicy and my mouth was on fire, but the
good news is that it was really tasty! :) We then went out and walked
around Brooklyn for a little bit which was really nice. I love it
there! Actually we went there again today! For a BBQ at an
investigators house in Bushwick. It is so nice because Elder Martinez
and I both served there so we both know a lot of the same people. Then
that night we went and visited a family in the ward and had a Family
Home Evening with them it was awesome! They are a great family and we
had a lot of fun there.

On Tuesday we had our usual district meeting and we had our finding
activity as a zone! It was pretty good! They are always really fun and
helpful to get us excited. Then later in the day we had a sweet visit
with a recent convert and we talked about how we as children if God
can reach our full potential by doing small and simple things. It
really is so true. I love how it is written in the scriptures, in Alma
37: 6-7.

As we do simple things like read the scriptures everyday,
pray, and go to church… this is how we show our faith to God and how we
receive many blessings from our Father in Heaven. This I know to be
true because I have see it have a huge effect on others lives here
that are around me. Also that night we went to a families house that
are from Bolivia. They are so cool! The mom always cooks SOOO GOOD!
She made us a meal called Silpancho and it was so good! She gave us so much food
and we had so much that we took some home! It was nice!

Wednesday we taught F. It went pretty well!
We also that night taught the Y family. They are from Peru and are really
cool! We had a good visit there and their daughter had been gone in
vacation in Peru for the summer so the father asked us to teach her a
few things and it was the best lesson that we had over there in a long
time. And to finish the night off they have us some Chi cha Morada and
Inca Kola! They are both super Peruvian drinks and are really good!
The first one is made out of purple corn and the second one is a soda
that is yellow but tastes like bubblegum almost! Pretty good stuff!

Thursday we had our MLC meeting which was really good! It is always so
good to see our Mission President. He is just so full of wisdom and
always has so much to teach us which is so great to be a part of those
meetings there. After the meeting I went on an exchange with the new
Assistant Elder Nugent. He just got called to be the new assistant and
we had a pretty good night together. We talked to a lot of people that
night and got a few new potential people to visit which was pretty
awesome. One guy we talked to Elder Rogers and I had met earlier. He
is from India and he also speaks Spanish! Pretty crazy right? Elder
Nugent and I were talking to him for a little while by a deli that is
by our house and then he said "You thirsty? I'll go buy you drinks."
Pretty random but super nice of him! We had a good conversation with
him and learned more about Hindu religion and culture which was really
interesting! Then we  taught a lesson to the ward about having Faith in Jesus Christ and how that is important to have and to share.

Friday was a great day in that we talked to some really cool people
before we another meeting with the district leaders in our zone. We
had a good meeting together and then Elder Martinez and I exchanged
back! Reunited! We then went to go and teach M! We had a
really good lesson with her and we brought a recent convert with us who
had just gotten his mission call. It was a great visit there. She has
been in dialysis for a long time and just found out this week that she
was available to receive a transplant. She told us and just started
to cry because she was so happy. It was a beautiful experience!

Then on Saturday we did service and that was a lot of fun!
We did a lot a painting and that was good! Then after service we
taught a teenager that did service with us. It was so good!
Probably one of the best lessons that I have ever taught on my
mission. He asked a lot of questions while we were doing service with
him and then we took him on a church tour. There we taught him and he told us of how he wanted to change his life. It was amazing. We helped him to recognize the power if the Holy Spirit as we taught him and he loved it. He told us how he felt
something different, but that it felt good. I love those experiences so
much!  They just make all of the work that we do worth
it, to help one of God’s children to recognize the spirit to tell them
that what they are learning is true. It is such a beautiful thing. He
asked us what the purpose of life was and why he was here. As we
taught him you could just see that the eyes of his understanding were
opened. It was such a wonderful thing to see. We are going to see him
next week and teach him again! We are excited!

Sunday was great! We had church and then later we went out to find
some people at home and ended up finding a new person who was
interested in the church! It was awesome!! He is from Korea and we are
going to teach him soon!

It was such a good week! We also had a funny experience with an intoxicated man who was jumping all over us on Saturday on our way to the meeting. He yelled at us from afar saying “My boys… the Mormons! I love you guys! “ Gotta love it!

Love you all!

Elder Waidmann

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"I would not change what I am doing for anything"

Hey hey hey!

I mean hey! How are you all doing? I hope that you are all doing well
and that life is treating you all great! Because life here in New York
is incredible!

This week has been such an incredible week. Probably one of the most
memorable and fun weeks on my mission. It has been so full of
blessings and miracles. I really don't even know where to start.

First off, I want to tell you about our investigator “R”! Holy moly!
This guy is a miracle! He had been taught by the missionaries in
Mexico before and he was pretty interested and we found him last week
at our miracle building! WOW! He is such a great guy. So humble and
full of love. After our first lesson with him he shook our hands and
just gave Elder Rogers and I a big hug. I was really surprised to be
honest, but hey! We had a sweet lesson with one of the members of our
bishopric and “R” together on last Monday and it was great! “R”
loved it and he was just so happy to be here and to have met us. We
love him so much and he just really wants to change his life! He came
to church on Sunday and he loved it as well! It was so cool! There is
a brother who is offering a painting class and “R” asked me if he
could come and then the Elders Quorum President told him "Of
Course!" It was awesome :) He is such a good guy and he is so fun
to be with.

On Monday night went out and were talking to some people and 
we met a guy from India who wanted us to come to his cafe and buy coffee from him. Obviously we didn't, but he was a super cool guy and he told us that he knew how to speak Spanish 
(he really didn't which was pretty funny haha). Anyway so we 
kept walking and we heard someone shout "Hey guys!!" So we turn around and see a young guy point his fingers at us and motion for us to come to him. We were kind of
surprised and then went to go and talk to him. His name is “L” and he
is from Colombia and has lived here for 6 months. He is so cool!
He told us how he wants to consecrate his life to God and to change
and become better and how we knew what we taught was true! What in the
world? Come to find out, later he said that he had seen us talking to
people on the train and knew that we were servants of God. So cool! :)
We taught him on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It was so cool! He
loves learning! He is really smart and he knows the bible really well.
He is such a fun guy to be around! We had a ward activity on 
Saturday and we taught him beforehand and then he came to the activity with us 
and he loved it! :) He was introducing himself to everyone and they loved him! It was so so so funny. He would say hi to people and they would ask him where he was from and he
would always say, "Soy Colombiano!" "Hasta las medias" and they would
just all die! :) In Spanish it is hilarious, but in English not as much
haha. In English it means that he is “Colombian until his socks”. Pretty
great. Let me just tell you all.  We were talking to him the first time we
met him and he said "Are we going to talk about Doctrine or what?" and
we said of course! :) He is loving learning about the church and
loves the Book of Mormon! When he read that HE could pray to know that
the Book of Mormon was true (Read Moroni 10: 3-5) he just smiled and said “Amen”! Then when we told him that Jesus Christ came to America and his face was just awesome!
He was so shocked and then so happy! :) Needless to say he is amazing!

I love New York and all the crazy awesome things about it! Even if it means running after a bus for about 10 minutes not catching it, then having to walk home for over a half an hour in the rain with my companion. I wouldn't change what I am doing for anything. I love my life. I love God. He is our Father. He hears our prayers and answers them in HIS time. Miracles are real and we just have to have the faith and show Him that we really truly do desire the best for others around us.  Love
and Charity go a long way. You can never go poor by giving away love
and I know that is true!

New York is my home and I love it here!

Much love!

Elder Waidmann