Friday, March 8, 2013

Elder Brandon Waidmann's 3rd Letter from the MTC

Well hello there family and everyone!!! Wow it is already P-day again that is crazy!! It feels like I just had it a little bit ago! Well I guess I did, you know last week :) But anyway that is what is going on here in the fabulous state of Utah!!
Ok so to answer some questions!!! So I have been getting all of your Dear Elder letter to me which is so greatly appreciated on my part I can't even tell you! I am so grateful for them all. Thank you so much!!!!! Ok Dad!! So in our district everyone is speaking spanish and also everyone in our entire zone is too!!! It is so cool! We started off with only 2 districts when we got here and now we have 5!!! There is abour 50-60 sisters and elders combined it is crazy!!! But so cool!!! And Elder Woolley and I and two sets of sisters in our district are all going to NYNYCS mission!!! It is great!!! So far since we have been here we have met a lot of other elders and sisters going to the same mission as us it is so cool!!! :) And I got to see Hermana Staker! She is from our stake back at home and left 2 weeks before I did. It was pretty funny I talked to her after our devotional on Tuesday, which was awesome, she had no idea who I was of course :) I mean that always happens to me which I am kind of used to by now :) But she was really happy that she met someone from back home so that was cool to talk to her!!
Anyway!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The baby came!!!! Ahhhhhh!! That is so exciting!! I wish I could have been home to see and to hold that little piece of heaven :) But I am so happy that Adaline is safe and healthy and that all os well with Kirsten and her that makes me so happy!! When I read the news from mom in one of my dear elders from here I just started crying!! It was kinda a mix between happy and sad but I am so happy that she is finally here! That is just so great!!! Keep sending me pictures PLEASE!!!!
Anyway the baby is so precious and I just wish that I could see her in person!! But thank you so much for sending me that package Kirsten and Josh!! I love the pictures of her!! I still am having a hard time of telling who she looks like more though :)

Ok so Blakeeeee!! Nice job in the tennis!! That is way cool! I am really happy for you! Right when I logged onto my email I saw the pictures that mom took! Pretty awesome!! :) Keep it up!!!
So mom and dad!!! Both of you got asked to be on the trek!! That is so cool! It may seem kinda not as fun getting ready for it because you will have so much responsibility for the kids during it but I promise it will be so worth it. I loved it so much when I got to go! It was a blast and if you just have the right attitude about it I know that both of you along with blake will have such an awesome time there! The experience really makes you appreciate the pioneers let me tell you!!! :) Oh so I got to see the pictures from Limher!! That was so cool! Kirsten, sis you rock. I am so proud of you for having that baby like a champ. You are awesome! And I know that you are such a wonderful mother to your little baby girl already!! :) How is San Fran everyone?? I hope it is good! I am sure it is with all of the cooking mom has been doing there!! I wish I could be there to join the party :) Oh and tell baby Adaline that I said thanks so much for that dear elder letter that she sent me!! It is amazing what skills newborns have these days!!! :)

MOM!!! HI!!! I love you!!! So laundry is okay here! You know its just laundry :) And I havent seen anyone else that I know yet!!! I know that Hayden Nielson got here on Wednesday but I havent been able to find him yet!!!! Ok so Tanner found my room but he hasn't found me yet!! I know because he left me a little note on my desk in our classroom! SO I'll give you the times I am in there so he can try to find me!! Ok so for monday I am in my classroom have study time from 10:45-11:45, and also from 2:15 to 3:15, then tuesday from 11:10-11:45 then 12:30-1:40, then wednesday 10:45-11:45, then 1:45-3:15. then thursday from 7:45-8:45 and 12:30-1:40, and friday is p-day and saturday from 7:45-8:45 then 12:30-1:40. And pretty much I ma in the 18M building a lot of the day!!! So I really hope that I will be able to see him soon!!! That would be so cool! :)

Dad! Guess what!??!! You know Dirk Verdoorn?? You know like our weatherman???? His son is in my district!! I was talking to Elder Verdorn one day just about where we live because we both live in california and I just said wow you totally have the same last name of our weatherman dirk verdoorn and he just said yep that is my dad!! Pretty cool!!! He is going to Oaxaca Mexico with a trio in our district! pretty cool!! Ok so for the last couple of minutes that I have because time is running out fast here I have about 3 minutes left, anyway I wanted to talk about how great it has been here! I am seriously learning so much. Yes it is tough. I can't even tell you. Spanish is ridiculous. I have NO IDEA how Josh learned Mandarin. Insane. Anyway yes it is so hard and really frustrating at times because I have sio much I want to say when we teach our lessons but I can't because I don't know the words. But I am learning so much about how it doesn't matter what I want to say it is what the Lord wants me to say. It is so cool because we will get in there and start teaching out lesson to our investigator and I will still struggle with words and things like that but I still feel guided. It is amazing. The spirit teaches so well it is just awesome! I love it! It is really hard to teach in spanish but it is cool too. I love it so much here. I know for a fact and I know it because I have felt it, that the Church of Jesus Christ is true. I promise it is. Jesus lives. He loves us. And I love you all so much!!!!!!
Thank you for all of your letters they mean so much to me!! I cant tell you how happy they make me! Thank you for everything!! Love you all!!! Life is beautiful!!! :)
Love, Elder Brandon Waidmann!!!

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