Friday, March 29, 2013

Last letter from Elder Waidmann at the MTC. Headed to New York Monday Morning! Look out New York: Here he comes!!

Ok so here is the deal!! I only have a little bit of time left so I am going to type as fast as I can!! Luckliy there was an elder in the zone that let me borrow his card reader so I got to load up some pictures but I think that I am going to send it home today!!! Anyway!!! So wow this week has gone by so incredibly fast it is insane!!!! Like it feels like just yesterday I was saying oh my goodness it is my last monday meal here at the mtc and now it is friday!!! Like ahhhhhh!!!! Carzyness!!! I am so happy to be going to new york but at the same time I am freaking out!!! It feels like I have just been like a boarding school almost haha :) But I am about to get going for real here! it is just shocking! I am so excited though. Serving a mission is definitely some tough work especially trying to learn all of this spanish here at the mtc and trying to be able to learn how to teach the lessons and learn everything is crazy sometimes but as crazy as it is I love it. I was just thinking the other day. You know I have sang that son "I hope They Call Me On a Mission" and I am just thinking wow. The day has come. I really am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. I am going to be serving the people of New York City!!! I will be speaking in super thick white american kid spainsh but I know that I have the Lord on my side always to help me through it. I know that it is going to be tough and exhausting but it is going to be so worth it. And it has been so worth it. I have been brought so much peace and joy these past couple of weeks! I am loving the MTC!! It is so crazy that I am leaving so soon!!! I have to be at the travel office at 4 in the morning on monday!! It is crazy!!! :) But I am so excited!! I love being a missionary!! It is so crazy!!! It feels so weird to be called Elder Waidmann I am still not used to it!! :) I have had so many wonderful and faith building opportunities to serve people in my district as the district leader. I have been able to see people smile because of the things that I have done to help them and that means everything to me. This is where I am supposed to be. I know it and I know that God knows it. I can feel His love for me so much as the little tiny skinny scrawny 18 year missionary that I am. But what I know is that He loves me. I know it. I can't deny it because I feel his love everyday so much for me. My prayers are answered when I ask in faith and I have seen so many amazing things happen here at the mtc. I love it here so much. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He has a plan for EACH and EVERY one of us. It is amazing how he plans everything for our good and for our own benefit. He wants us to have these amazing faith building and faith promoting experiences because he LOVES us. Most of all HE wants US to come to HIS ONLY BELOVED SON JESUS CHRIST. Because when we do we are blessed beyond measure. I know this for a fact. Being a missionary is amazing. I love it so much. I think that it is so weird that I am going to have the opportunity to go to new york and preach the gospel as this little tiny kid from cali but I am so happy for this opportunity!! I love you all so much and I am incredibly grateful for all of your letters and your continuous quotes and things that you all send me!! Especially the surprise ones where I am like what?????!!???  Are you kidding?? This is for me!! And then my favorite candies are in there!! Oh man I feel so loved and supported I cant even begin to describe it!! Mom I love you! Dad you rock!! Kelsey and Evan keep it up!! Blake play hard!! :) Kirst Josh and Addy :) Love you all so much. Addy is so precious!! For all my friends reading this I love you all so much and I miss you bunches! Serving a mission rocks! As much as I miss being at home and seeing everyone that I love! I am so glad I am here!! I will talk to you soon! New York here I come!!
Sorry that this is so short!! Love you all so much! Life is great and beautiful!! :) I love you all so much!
Lover Elder Waidmann :)
" and Cameron like my first week here!! :)"

"name tags"

"and then this last tuesday making snow angels!!! :)"

" and Elder Hayden Nielson!!"

"me and elder woolley!!!"

"... the cookies that mom sent me for saint pattys day"

" jumping is from our temple walk last sunday :)"

"me with the temple!!"

" by the samuel smith statue I took this morning"

"at the bike statue!!"

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