Saturday, February 23, 2013

Elder Waidmann's First Letter From The MTC

Here is Elder Waidmann's first letter from the MTC!  Additionally, this picture is of Elder Waidmann and his companion Elder Wooley with a former EFY counselor/friend in the MTC. Enjoy! 

Hello everyone!!!!
First off all I can say right now is wow. That is about all the words that I can say. The MTC is crazy!!! Crazy awesome!!! There are so many elders and sisters here it is kinda amazing. It is just everywhere you look you see more and more and more people but it is so amazing because I know that we are all here for the same reasom and that is to bring others to Christ and to hlep others feel of the immense love that He has for each and every one of us. It has been amazing here so far. The first day was so cool!! It was kinda crazy but it went really well. After I walked away from the car with Aunt Mary and Grant the elder who was helping me out took me around everywhere and showed me my room and things like that. But the first thing you did was go into the main building on the campus and get your name tag which was pretty cool  because it seemed just so official I guess. The funny part was though that I had my new suit on and I hadn't taken the stiching out of the top pocket where they put your name tag on you when you first get there. So one of the older sisters helping out just had a bunch of elders in a line and she had some sewing tool to take out the thread. SO yeah pretty much a really big rookie mistake! :) It was okay though because there were other elders that were just like me!! Ok so then we got our schedule for the day and then our id card for the whole time that we are going to be here. So I figured out that the id card gets 6 bucks a week that you can spend on anything that you want. Either vending machines or in the bookstore that is here and things like that. So yeah its free money!! Who can say no to that!!! It is pretty great! 

Then (still talkin about first day) the elder showed me to my room and then I got my stuff and then I went to my classroom where I would be learning Spanish for the next six weeks. That was where I met my companion Elder Woolley!! It is so crazy because my efy counselor Limher told me about him and then we got put together as companions!!! then we went to a big meeting witht the new elders and sisters. This was happening with 2 different groups!! We sang called to serve which was way cool!! It was a great meeting and I really enjoyed it! Also the mtc president spoke and his name is president nally. He seems like an awesome president!! Then after that was over we went to dinner I think...I don't have my schedule with me of the first day so I might be fortgetting some things so I am sorry everything form the first day is kinda blurring together well not kinda it is I can barely remember!! I should have brought that with me! Anyway then after dinner we went into some classrooms and watched some practice teaching. It is kinda hard to explain. There was a companionship of elders that came in and we watched how they taught and they left mid lesson and then the rest of the people that were there had to pick up where they left off to teach the person in the room. Ok wait!!! Before I go any further I got to see Cameron, or Elder Johnson I should say :) on the first day!!!! Oh my goodness it was soooo cool!! I was just walking with the elder who was showing me places and there Cameron was with his comp!! I just saw him and then did a double take because I just thought no way that can't be him and then it was!!!! It was so good to talk to him and to see him!! He is a zone leader too!! Like a boss!!! So he is just dominating here!! It was so great to see him!!! Then when we were at dinner the first day I saw Heather just walking by where me and Elder Wooley were sitting and I just couldn't help but yell Sister Felt!!!! Then she saw me and we both ran to each other because we were so excited to see each other!! And then!! We shook hands :) It was so good to see her though!!! So yeah overall the first day was awesome!!! Bu time is getting short now!! Ok so the last couple days have been crazy!!! So on thursday we met our branch president and his name is president tyler and he is sooo cool! he is just awesome!! Then we had a zone meeting later that night and introduced ourselves and things like that and then we had interviews with the branch presidency!! It was way cool! So I had my interview with president tyler and he was just so nice to me!! He is just an awesome man!! Then I got called back in to the room after interviews and then found out this. I am a district leader!! Ah!! It is crazy!! I mean it is so cool but so humbling at the same time. Because I am over me and my companion and two sets of sister and a triple companionship of elders and it is a lot of responsibility!! I am really nervous because I really don't know what I am doing yet. Ok so yesterday was crazy we had to teach a lesson in spanish when we knew NO spanish. It was very interesting to say the least. Yeah I need to learn so much. It is crazy because there is so much to do and so little time to do it because our time here is so scheduled. Ok so for questions!!
On the way to SLC I flew with 2 elders and one sister there!! Pretty crazy! One guy I met way like 6'8 and probably could eat me alive because he was so huge!!
elder Woolley is from so cal in ventura county! He is a great comp and we are setting great goals together!
Today is kinda our p-day we have like a 2 hour block kinda to email and do laundry but we can only email for 30 min!
food is great!! Love it!!
I see Cameron every night now because he is on my floor in my residence hall!!! It is great!!
Ok my time is up!! Sorry!!
Love, Elder Waidmann :)

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