Monday, May 6, 2013

"Preach the gospel at all times!! And if necessary use words"

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Ok hello everyone!!! 

Sorry that my emails have not been the best lately! We have always been so busy on preparation day and when I get in to email I spend most of my time reading instead of writing emails!! So thank you for the mail and the emails I so greatly appreciate it!!! It is so cool to hear how everyone is doing and how life is continuing on out in the great state of California! Man I miss that place! But I'll be back in a while haha :)

So anyway I shall try to give you all an update! Life is good out here in New York! Just the usual hustle and bustle of people everywhere and I am just amazed all the time at how many people there are everywhere! Especially by our church building! It is crazy China town and I feel like I have the wrong language on my name tag! Haha just kidding! It is all good! 

So this week has been very busy but good! Last Preparation day we went to the Brooklyn Bridge with some missionaries from another zone and that was pretty cool! And then on Tuesday we helped a guy in our ward pack up his apartment so he could move! Ah that was so awesome! I love being able to do service! I mean my whole mission is service I guess :) But still helping others is just so much fun! And the plus side of that he was getting rid of a bunch of clothes so me and my companion and Elder Hernandez got free stuff from him! That is what I call awesome!!! So Wednesday was great also! We helped the english missionaries in our zone do some missionary work! It was a lot of fun! We just went as an entire zone to their area and tracted and street contacted and tried to talk to as many people as we could in a 3 hour span to help them find more people that were interested in the church! So that was a lot of fun being able to help them out! I mean hello we were searching for others to help them come unto Christ and receive pure and real joy! So yeah it was awesome!! Then on Thursday I had an exchange with my zone leader and he speaks spanish and is going home in about a week! His name is Elder Scoffield and he lives in Fresno! I had a good time with him and I learned a lot! And I had to be the senior companion for the day haha that was interesting!! Anyway then on friday I had an exchange with Elder Hernandez becasue Elder Jensen our district leader had to go on an exchange with my companion Elder Goates! So that was great! We had a good time! Then on Saturday we had a wonderful day! We play soccer every saturday and invite members, and basically anyone church member or not to come and play with us and that was so much fun! We went to a new place this time where there was a huge open field right by the Verrazano Bridge I am not sure if that is how you spell it! Haha and anyway we were right by the water so that was cool! Then as we were getting there there was a quite a large hill down to the field. So me being me loving to run I was like oh man it has been forever since I have ran down a huge hill like this!! Yeah it was quite steep and with my awesome well thought out plan I just ran down and needless to say I lost my balance pretty fast and ate it on the grass!!! Haha!!! It was so funny!!! Luckily I had my backpak on and that took most of the force of the fall :) And I am okay though!! :) But then Sunday was great as usual! I love Sundays! Church is always amazing and I love it! And now it is preparation day! 

So I hope that you are all doing well! :) I love you all so very much and I hope all is well in Cali!!! :) Stay strong! Preach the gospel at all times!! And if necessary use words :) I love that quote! :) Love you all so much!!

Elder Waidmann

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