Monday, May 20, 2013

"Be strong and show our faith"

Elder Waidmann smiling for the camera on his
preparation day!

Well hello everyone!!!  

Another week has gone by yet again! They aren't flying by yet but I am sure as the months go by they will start to! So this week was pretty good! Monday was our preparation day of course! That was good! And then Tuesday we had transfers! Well I didn't go anywhere and neither did my companion because I am still being trained so I am still in the same area that I am in when I got here! So yeah that is going good! So we have a new district leader now because Elder Jensen went home on Tuesday and his name is Elder Pearce! He is a really awesome Elder and he seems like he will help our district out a lot, which is really cool! So hopefully we can continue to do well! So we are still teaching English class every week and that is going well! We always get a pretty good turn out of people and they people are pretty willing to learn! So that is good! And Wednesday we had a zone meeting because our zone has some new missionaries in it and we got to know everyone a little so that was wonderful! And dad! One of the new missionaries in our zone is from Hawaii! He is a bradda! Super nice guy named Elder Wayas! It was so fun to get to know him! He is just a great Elder! And then we did a lot of looking for people in the ward! On Thursday we had our first district meeting together as a new district which was good! And we taught and visited with a family in the ward! We are trying to help them get to the temple! So that is great! They are really nice to us and we just love them a lot! So that was great! Friday was really good! It was full of a lot of looking for people in the ward and things like that! So a lot of walking! But it is okay though! It is part of the work! Then Friday was also great too! We also did a lot of looking for people which was good! We are slowly and surely cleaning up the ward list! Lets just say that New York records are really old and haven’t been updated for quite some time! It is okay though! We are helping out the ward which is what we are here for! And we also cleaned the church building on Friday night in preparation for a mega zone conference that we were having on Saturday!

Oh my goodness! So Elder Koelliker and his wife came and talked to us! That was so cool! He is one of the seventy and he is just such an amazing man! I learned so much from him and from our mission president! Ah! It was just a wonderful big mission meeting! There were so many missionaries it is crazy! So many that I don’t know, but hopefully that will change! I got to know a few so that was good! And I got to talk to Elder Koelliker for like a couple of seconds before he was leaving and it was great! And he gave me a hug! Boom! I can say that I have hugged one of the 70's! So sweet! He is such a nice man and I learned so much from him! The spirit was incredible there! It really was! :) So then after that we went and taught a lesson to one of our investigators named Magda and when we got there her entire family was there! Including one guy who we were searching for before! They were celebrating a little girls birthday party and we felt bad for being there during it and so we wanted to just be quick but since her family were there they started asking questions and things like that so we ended up teaching a lesson! That went great! And then right when we were about to leave they were like your not going to stay and eat with us??? And me and Elder Goates were like uhhhhhhhhhhhh......YEAH WE WILL TOTALLY STAY!!!!! :) So that was completely random! Like we are basically stranger in their house and they wanted us to stay and eat with them! super cool right??? :) So we developed a really good relationship with all of the family which was really cool! :) And then we tried leaving again and they were like stay for cake!! Haha so funny! So we were there for a while! But so we gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon to read and they seemed really interested so that is great! Hopefully they will continue to want to learn more! They would be such amazing members and a wonderful addition to our ward here in Brooklyn! :) So we shall see what happens! 

I love you all so very much!   Thank you for all that you do! And scripture for the week :)  Ether 12:6- It says: "And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith".  

We have to be strong and show our faith before the Lord will bless us!  And He always does!  Love you all so much!

Love, Elder Waidmann

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