Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"For He loveth the world"

Well Hello everyone!!
Hey it's me!!!!! You know the kid over here in New York! I hope you all haven't forgotten about me back there! Haha just kidding! I miss you all so much and it seems as though life is going on without me! Dang I just thought that it would all go on pause haha :) but so this week has been pretty good and we are starting some great things here! :) I am excited for all the work that is going on here in the mission and in the rest of the world it is just so incredible!! So basically last week I guessed a few peoples emails that were on missions in other places like Brandon Rowland and Adam Gilberts and bam! Surprisingly I was right! So that was cool! I wrote them a little note last week and they wrote me back in the email saying how everything was going! It is so cool to here of the missionary success in all parts of the world! It is amazing how all the people I here from are saying the same thing. The Lord is just making the work progress so much it is incredible and just so so cool to see and to be a part of especially as a missionary!

 It is crazy out here in New York! It really is! The weather this past week has been absolutely crazy and insane. And by that I really mean that! We had super hot weather earlier last week and then the rest of the week was crazy rainy and windy! I was like whhaaaaaat?? Come on New York just make up your mind here! Haha :) Also this last week I was quite sick. Random I know. I haven't been sick in the longest time it feels like so that was quite a shocker! I got punched in the face by some random chest and head cold. Needless to say not fun at all. But! I am almost back at 100 % myself so that is nice! And I still worked through it all that was cool! :) Because I was not just going to sit in the pad all day and do and do nothing!! So we went out and worked of course! But a lot of people  told me that I should just go back and rest apparently I sounded horrible, and yeah i kinda did. It sounded pretty dang bad when I was coughing but I am pretty okay now I promise! So that is good! :)

And yesterday was a pretty great day full with some pretty funny experiences! First we went up to the mission office for a meeting and on the way there our trains got stopped because there was a fire on the bridge to go through Manhattan because to get to the mission office you have to ride the train through there anyway, and so and we had to get off and walk for like forever because they weren't working! So we took a different train there then and ended up meeting a member from one of the surrounding wards and she was so nice to us! She gave me and Elder Goates 20 dollars! Like crazy! Haha and she said we have to promise to spend it on junk food and I was like uhhhh okay!!! Heck yeah! So she was super nice! Then yesterday on the way back to our pad for the night the train doors open and we walk in and there is this guy sitting in the train and just like almost yells at us "SOLDIERS of CHRIST!!! Can we pray?????!!????" Haha oh sooooo funny! Needless to say we could tell quite instantly he was under the influence of some alcohol pretty heavily!! But did that stop us from praying with him?? Of course not!!! So He holds out his hands and says to us can you lead us in your church's prayer and we were like uhhh yeah okay! And I was like oh man this is going to be interesting! So funny though! So the New Yorkers man! They are just hilarious! Also we had a lesson with Magda, Maria, and Julio again last night! They are just so nice! They seemed really receptive! I really hope that they will continue to have a desire to learn! And they also fed us again! they are just so nice! We had our own little BBQ on the side of the street outside of their apartment! Pretty fun! And dang do they make good salsa!!! :) Haha anyway, We taught them about the importance of the Book of Mormon and it seemed to go pretty well! :) SO I really hope they read and pray about it! We shall see! So everything here is going good! :)
I love you all so so so so so so so much. I really do! I wish I could be with you and see you but I am here in New York where I am supposed to be for the next long while! So I hope you all are doing great! Oh and ps today was our preparation day it got switched because of the holiday! anyway I hope you are all doing so good! :) I love you so much!
And scripture for the week is! 2nd Nephi 26:24! It says: "He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he might draw all men unto him.  Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall not partake of his salvation."

I love this one so much! we learn that God loves us so much that he gave up HIS own life for us for the people who are imperfect because of perfect and infinite love so that way He could draw US to HIM. Because HE is the one that can heal us, give us strength, and He Always knows how we feel. Love you all so much! :)
Elder Waidmann
oh and here are some pictures! We went on the Staten island ferry today! It was pretty fun! ;)

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