Thursday, July 4, 2013

"July is here!!"

July 1, 2013

Well hello everyone!!!
Can I say that this week has been a crazy one!!! Oh my goodness! So Tuesday was the day of transfer meeting and that is where I met my new and awesome companion Elder Martinez!!!! He is a great kid from Salt Lake City area! You know Utah! Pretty much everyone is from there it is crazy! Anyway he is from Farmington wherever that is! I just know that it is near Lagoon and I am sure that Josh and Kirsten are familiar with that...maybe?? Anyway so this week has been interesting! And tough but good! So Tuesday figures was like the most hot and humid day we have had here so far and we had to move all of his bags to our apartment! Luckily one of the companionships who was from Staten Island drove our stuff to the church for us! Yeah! That was great! So we took the train to hte Church and then had to lug the luggage back to our pad (haha no pun intended there) yeah I know bad joke! Anyway so that was good and a bit tiring and I can definitely say that we were like so soaked with ya know sweat!! It was not fun to say the least! But hey! It was something for the memory bank! It was so humid!!! Anyway so transfer meeting was really good! Elder Chan left! he was comps with Justin Casper! And they created a 10th zone in the mission that was intense!!! So the rest of the week was good! But just tough!
Since we are working the elliptical area we basically left everything behind us to start brand new here, so that means we have nobody to teach at all. So that has been tough on Elder Martinez and I! We are trying so hard! But nothing is happening just yet! but we are working that is for sure! What was awesome, is that Elder Martinez's first day here we were riding the bus to a train stop to get home after english class and boom!!! He gave a lady a Book of Mormon on the bus! It was awesome! She was telling Elder Martinez and I how her daughter wants to be a member of the church! It was kinda mind blowing to be honest! I was like for real???? And she was asking us a bunch of questions and it was just great! Hopefully something will turn out from that wonderful experience!
So here is a story from last night! After church we ate dinner and then went to the streets to talk to people and went to a park where there are a lot of people and man I had never been there on a night before and dang was there a lot of people! I guess is park day! Anyway so after that we were on our way back and we were at the train station and I saw a guy and just started talking to him and that was cool! We ended up finding out a lot about him! He was from Guatemala and was super cool! I talked to him for about 10 minutes or longer or so and this was all in Spanish! It was way cool! But he was doing a lot of the talking haha :) Anyway so at the end of the conversation....boom there was Elder Martinez right there to give him a Book of Mormon in spanish! Needless to say Elder Martinez is always ready to testify and to give! It is so great! So we both testified about the Book of Mormon and how we knew it was true and man it was great! So if anything happens from that would be cool! Elder martinez is a boss! What is cool is that we are basically the same age and we are ready to work! We are excited! The work is tough, but good! And what I always say to myself is that it was hard for Christ and His ministry when He was on the Earth. He is our perfect and loving example! I love him and I love being a missionary! Yes it's hard there is no lying about that but it is great! :)
I love you all so very much!
remember this!!! it is from 1st Peter 3:15 - be ready always to give ban answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the chope that is in you (love it!!!!!) be missionaries!! Spread the good news of the Gospel!!! :)
Love, Elder Brandon Lee Waidmann

"hermana watts and I (we've been together in the same district since the first day of our missions! Pretty crazy!"

"and me and elder martinez and elder woolley and elder farmer (his brand new companion) at transfer meeting!! :)"

"so here is our name tags!!!"

Elder Waidmann also wanted this quote from Jeffery R. Holland added to his blog: 

 "Hope on. Journey on. Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe."

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