Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Lord did a lot of good here"

Hey there everyone!

I am still in Corona! Yay! Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Schenk is
leaving which is pretty crazy. We were only together for one transfer
but it was a good transfer. I really learned a lot and we did a lot of
good here, well The Lord did a lot of good here.

On Tuesday we visited with an awesome family from Ecuador. They have two little boys who are always running around with a bunch of energy. We have been trying to help them to come to church more often and to strengthen their relationship with God. They came to church last Sunday and it was awesome!! Hallelujah!

I love when people come to church! Because whenever you go to church you feel the spirit, are uplifted and feel good. FACT! That is what I want for everyone. Anyway, They were so happy and he shared his testimony in Sacrament meeting which was fantastic.  The spirit there was so strong. We then watched Earthly Father, Heavenly Father the Mormon message and
wooooo!!! That whole room was basically in tears. It was such a
beautiful experience! 

On Wednesday the senior couple the Bradfords came over to our
apartment to put blinds in because we have bed sheets hanging up as
drapes.  Ha-ha :) She told us that is why we need women in our lives to
make us spiffy and so that way our houses don't look horrible.


We visited a super awesome family. The husband is from Colombia, There is a place in Colombia called Cali, so whenever I talk to people from Colombia I tell them I am from there and they have a mini heart attack every time because they get so excited, but then I say no actually CALIfornia and they just laugh and are like of course! 

Then after that we visited with this family that I met on the street
one day. The guys name is C.  He called us and said "Hey! Do you remember
about our appointment that we have today? It is at 6 and don't go
anywhere else to eat because we are going to give you Lomo Saltado!" I
was soooo excited. I literally have never had that happen in my entire
mission. It was so cool. Someone calling to confirm an appointment
with me??  It was great! The mother,  Milta the mom of the family gave us cereal on the way out as well! Can you say MIRACLE??? I think so! Because earlier in the week I had completely ran out of my important life staple and was dying...okay...not really but I had no food basically and then BOOM! Tender mercy from The Lord! I basically heard a choir singing Hallelujah! In my
head ha-ha! We are so blessed!

On Friday we had a super sweet visit with a family from our ward who
made us bomb Mexican food! Oh man! So good! I love Spanish food so
much. For real. And we had a super fun spiritual thought with them
about how we can restart every week as we take the sacrament. The
lesson was of how as we draw something we can never do it perfect but
every week God gives us a perfectly clean slate through the sacrament.

God is amazing. I have never felt so guided on my mission before. I
know he lives, loves, and guides us. He is a God of miracles. If we
ask for them, then go out and look and work for them, they come. Fact.
I know that to be true. I love my mission and I love this place, these
people and God!


Elder Waidmann

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