Monday, November 3, 2014

"Life is pretty dang good over here!"


Life is pretty dang good over here in New York. We had quite an
eventful week with a lot of great things that happened.

We did a sweet flash mob activity with the missionaries in Woodside on the 7 train. It was really cool! We sang "A Child's Prayer" (see the video below to hear what we sang) and the people on the train seemed to like it a lot. It was a lot of fun and afterward we did it in one of the stations and because of that a met a really cool kid who I talked to for a while. He lives in Woodside and
told us how he really liked what we did as missionaries. It was a really cool experience.

Friday was such a sweet day! I had so much fun! It was awesome because
it was Halloween and there were sooooo many people outside. It was funny because every time I had eye contact with someone on the street I just yelled Happy Halloween to them it was pretty funny :)
What is different is that here in New York, is that  all of the kids that go trick or treating go from store to store on the street to get candy because everything here is in apartment buildings. It was weird to see but it is pretty cool! That night we have to be inside early so then we planned and I carved a pumpkin! Pretty fun. It was an awesome day.

There is this lady who has a stand by the church where she sells nuts
and coco that are coated with some sweet sugary goodness and she
always has us pray with her and then she gives us free nuts! She is so
cool! She is Colombian and says that she is our mom while we are out
here on the mission ha-ha! I love her! Then I got to dance to that
sweet Ecuadorian music on the street and I was loving it! I got the CD
and everything :) I had to! (See me dancing  in the back left corner, to this sweet music ...below! :D)

After that we did a finding activity right off of the 7 train and I met a super cool kid. He was from Ecuador and we had such a good conversation. It was probably one of
the best conversations that I have ever had with someone on the street
on my mission. He was telling me how he wanted to change his life and
I told him that the Gospel was the answer! I gave him a Book of Mormon
and also some pamphlets and he very gratefully accepted.

Then after that we met up with his guy who I met back in Woodside when I
was with Elder Rogers! It was so cool! He was super nice and we talked
to him in Dunkin Donuts for a while and gave him a Book of Mormon.
Moral of the story is you can literally have a lesson anywhere in New

Last but not least! Everyone should study the talks from L. Tom Perry
and Richard G. Scott from this last conference. INCREDIBLE. They are
amazing. That is all. 

I love you all so much. I am grateful for the wonderful plan that God
has for all of us. He really does have one. We just have to
communicate with Him to figure that out! :)

Much love from Corona Queens!

Elder Waidmann

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