Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Service is The Best!

Well hello there everyone! It is has officially been a week since I have arrived here in Little Neck! The current status is that I am loving it!

Being here has been such a blessing! The Lord is so aware of us and he knows exactly where to put us at the right time. There really is never anything that happens by chance or where it isn't planned out. The Lord always knows that there are certain times for everything. Even though we may not see it or recognize it, the Lord's timing behind everything. I am loving this area so much. It is definitely quite the difference from Dyker Heights in the heart of Brooklyn let me tell you that much! But it is a place that I know that I am going to learn to love.

This past week has been great! I have already learned a lot! I am continually learning so much each day! So I am learning the area as I go! I am driving every so often and it is super weird to be behind the wheel again after 8 months! So yeah I have gotten honked at a few times I can't lie about that one, but also the people here literally honk if they think that you breathe wrong...okay not really but I think that you all get the picture! :) It is great here though. The fall has definitely come here and it is so beautiful! I love it! I have always heard about how here on the east coast the trees are just so beautiful and it really is so true! Everyday I am just amazed by all of the wonderful beautiful things that I see here!

On Saturday we got to do a service project! Oh my goodness was it fun! I loved every second of it! It was so much fun! We drove quite a ways out and the service project was a lot of us missionaries and other members from the Planview Stake. We all put on our Mormon Helping Hands vests and went to work! Man I still can't believe how much fun I had! We got to rake leaves and put them in bags and beautify the area that we were at. It is just a testament to me of how as missionaries we take being set apart from the world so literally and sometimes we don't even realize the effects of it on us. Normally, I can't lie about this one sadly :), but when I knew that it was time for us to get out into the yard and rake leaves I wasn't super excited to go and do that. Also while I did it I can't really say that I loved every second of it. But jump to now this last Saturday, I have never had so much fun doing service. I have never felt such excitement in doing such simple things as raking leaves and cleaning up a Veterans Facility. Then as I now think about it, I realize why. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ for two years of my life. I have given up much to accomplish something much greater. And that my friends is the Salvation of souls. It is helping and blessing others on a daily basis. This isn't something that is a burden to me at all. It is a blessing. Sure the days long and tough, but hey I love it! This period of my life I wouldn't trade for anything. There is much to be learned each day and also to share with others. I have learned that as we serve others and do the littlest things we truly are happy. It is when we lose ourselves in serving others that we find true and lasting happiness. We don't worry about ourselves and the problems we have. We are involved with trying our best to serve our fellowman. That is what life truly is about. That is why we follow Jesus Christ. He was perfect. He was always blessing and serving others regardless of their circumstances. I know that as I missionary I have this opportunity daily, of which I am so grateful. I am so happy to be blessed with this time to serve my fellow New Yorkers and to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives. Thank you for all you do! You guys rock!

With Love from Little Neck,
Elder Waidmann

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