Monday, August 26, 2013

"We are loving it here in New York"

"I got this bag for Elder Hernandez since he is from Honduras."

Birthday breakfast for Elder Martinez
Hey there!

I hope that all is well with everyone! I love and miss you all so very much! This past week was really good! We are loving it here in New York! It was Elder Martinez's birthday on Saturday! Yay! We celebrated! By doing you know what?! Missionary work! Oh yeah! It was sweet! We had a good time! I made him some breakfast and then put candles on the pancakes and stuff I made and then wax got everywhere and the candles blew out when I was presenting him with his breakfast.....yeah should have thought that one through a little but more :) But it is okay! We had a great time!

I went on an exchange with Elder Hernandez on Friday and it was super sweet! We always have a great time together! He is the coolest Honduranian I know, even though he is the only Honduranian I know! But hey that's okay right? :) I love our district! Elder Parker just got to our area at the beginning of the transfer.  He is from Las Vegas and has been out on his mission since January. We also got another Sister missionary in our district who leaves to go home in December and another Sister missionary that just got here straight from Puerto Rico! Super cool! So now we have 3 native speakers in the district! It is sooooo cool! I love it!

This week was good! Elder Martinez and I are working hard and trying to do the best that we can to bless the lives of others around us! We could have three super solid investigators by the end of the week, maybe even four if things turn out the way that we hope! The gospel of Jesus Christ is an amazing thing and can bless the lives of all those who come to know it. I testify of this truthfulness.  I love you all so very much!

Love, Elder Waidmann

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