Thursday, August 1, 2013

"He is the reason why we are able to love and breathe everyday"

"I love this kid so much"
Well hello y’all!

I really can’t say why exactly I wrote y'all when I am not even in the south or anything close to it here in New York. It is just fun.

It sounds as though things are going well with everyone! Mondays are great! But they definitely make me miss home just a little bit! It is kind of weird not being able to play tennis everyday and not going to the lake a bunch, but I know that here is where I am supposed to be and it is where the Lord wants me to be, most importantly. This week went by so quick and it was full of greatness! We have been trying to visit more member families to try to get to know our ward better so we can continue to grow and love them more and more.  So that has been going good!

Oh and just a quick side note! Last week when we were helping a member in our ward move he gave me his tennis racquet!!! Oh my goodness! It was awesome! So this week right before we went out to do an activity to advertise our English class I practiced my stroke and oh man!!! It felt incredible!!!! It’s been 5 months since I have played tennis and I sure do miss it! I bet that Blake could easily kick my bum! Haha.

Anyway, so this week I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Yates, one of my zone leaders and that was great! We had a great time and I got to drive again! It was sweet! It is amazing how you get places SO MUCH FASTER because walking definitely takes quite a bit of time. J So we basically did service all day on our exchange because a new couple was moving in and we helped them move! They had SO MUCH STUFF it was incredible!! I had a really good time with him!

Yesterday was so great! I love Sundays so so much! Church was so good because… well it always is… and also President and Sister Calderwood (my mission president and his wife) came spoke at our ward! It was so cool! They even spoke in Spanish too, so that was awesome!!! :) It was such a wonderful experience to have them there and the Spirit of the meeting was so strong! I love how President Calderwood talked about how we need to unify our efforts completely to bring about the happiness and joy of others! It is so true!  When the wards and members share the same goals as the missionaries and vice versa, there is a wonderful spirit of unity and everything works together!

Also, last night our activity where we go to Sunset Park, to talk to people, hand out free lemonade and advertise for our free English class… got cancelled because of the rain. So Elder Martinez and I had block of time open.  We were thinking about what we should do and as I was thinking I had a really strong impression come into my mind that wouldn't go away. The impression was that we should go and try to visit the Flores family, which is who I have told you all about before.  I decided to listen because I know that when I don't listen to the impressions and promptings of the Spirit, I always end up regretting it.  I knew at this moment that it was a prompting from the Spirit. It has been more than a transfer ago since we had last seen them. Upon arriving to their home, we were so blessed to find that they were home and that they let us in. One of the ladies in whom we had given a Book of Mormon previously, had read quite far into the Book of Mormon and she said that she had questions for us. It was a great experience to be able to share our beliefs with them once again and answer her questions. There was such a special spirit there, especially when I asked her how she felt when she reads the Book of Mormon. Her reply was so simple and I felt the spirit's presence so strongly as she said how she felt peace and comfort as she read, because she could understand it so much easier. It was so wonderful. I really hope that we can meet with them continually and help them progress! I am so happy that I listened to the Holy Spirit and that the Lord trusted me enough to give it to me. It was so cool to be able to have that visit with them! I loved it and the Spirit was incredible there! So hopefully we can continue to help them read and understand, but most importantly accept these things into their lives.  

Thank you for all of your love and support! I love you all so much. This work is true. I know it is. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be here. That simple. But, I know it is and that is why I am here is because I love my Heavenly Father so much and I love Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is our older brother and our best friend. He is our Savior and Redeemer. He is the reason why we are able to love and breathe everyday. I know that all these things are true because I have had them testified to me through the power of the Holy Ghost. Please take the opportunity to learn for yourself, if you haven't! I know this gospel will bless your life immensely! Thank you to all who read this and share these experiences with me! I love you all so much!

Con Amor,

Elder Brandon Lee Waidmann

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