Monday, June 10, 2013

"Time is precious here"

Well hello there everyone!!!

Life is good here in New York! What is crazy is that it is dumping rain out here!! Like what the heck!! It is June 10th for crying out loud!! Haha it is great though because I love the rain so much! The missionaries here aren't a big fan of the rain because it rains so much but hey! I love it! So that is the update on the weather I guess!

Ok so life here in the mission is great! I am loving New York and trying to enjoy every day that I have here because the more I think about it the more time is precious here because there is only 2 years that I have to dedicate service to the Lord! So this past week has been really good! It has gone by fast but slow at the same time! Kinda interesting! But it has been really good! :) So on Wednesday I went on an exchange with one of my Zone Leaders Elder Eggleston and that was so much fun! I go to go to Staten Island for the day and it was incredible! And I just loved it! I got to drive for the first time and that was so cool! I drove to Staten Island for our exchange because Elder Eggleston was making a phone call and so that was sweet! It was kinda weird driving after not driving for a few months but it was sweet! The day was awesome with him! I had the incredible opportunity to do some service for Hurricane Sandy clean up and that was just so awesome! I loved it! I just love being able to do service! It makes me so happy and oh man it was just so great! That day was a lot of fun! And man! Staten Island has got some sweet real estate there!!! Holy cow! It is crazy! These people are LOADED!!!! Haha so it was a good day with him and this week was pretty good!

The Staten Island Spanish missionaries are having an activity called a restoration concert and it is a lot of songs and a narration between them focused around the restoration, and Hermana Pagan one of the missionaries asked me to sing with her for it and i was like uuuuhhhhhhhhh.....if you really need me to! Because I really don't think that I am that good of a singer! And it is true! But anyway she wanted me to sing with her so we practiced for it on Saturday and oh man it was great! She sings so good!! And we are singing Yo Se Que Vive Mi Senor, which in English is I know that my redeemer lives! Boom! One of my favorites! So that is cool! And what is great is that she just has an incredible voice so I just like letting her kinda drown me out haha :) So what was so cool about that is that we got to practice with a Sister in the Midwood ward area who just so happens to be Sister Blosil. And by Sister Blosil I mean Jenn Blosil and if you don't know who that is yet go to the EFY CD in 2011 and listen to the song "Take it Home" yep that is her! MY GOODNESS!!! MIND BLOWN!!! She is so incredibly talented it is just insane! It was so cool to here her sing and play the piano! Just crazy! I have always loved her music and her voice and then bam! I get to meet her and she is a missionary here! Like what the heck! Crazyness! So that was so much fun!

Ok so yesterday church was great as always! I love it! And a guy from another ward who went to his mission in Brazil and only speaks English and Portuguese  (uh not sure if that is spelled right haha) came to our ward and spoke in Spanish and it was so good! He talked about inviting others! And seriously that is what the purpose of missionary work is! All we can do is invite! we aren't here to force people to accept the truth! We are only here to invite them to add to the truths that they already know! And ultimately we are inviting them to receive happiness! It is so cool and I love that! Because this is a message of joy and happiness! I love that about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is so simple but when we do all that we can to live it and love it! We are happy and we get to share that joy with others! It is just wonderful! The love of the Savior is an incredible thing and I am so grateful for Him and our Heavenly Father! I love you all so much! Please keep praying for the people of New York to be humble and willing to receive this wonderful Gospel we have. Most importantly invite others to know! You never know until you ask! :)

Elder Brandon Lee Waidmann

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