Monday, August 11, 2014

"The teaching that is going on here is really great!"

Hello all! 

 This is going to be a shorter email this week because today was a
pretty crazy day! We had our regular once a transfer zone activity
which was pretty fun! We traveled to Rego Park, which is an area in
the mission, and we went to a place called Juniper Park and played
some kick ball and ultimate frisbee! It was pretty fun! I also got to
play a little but of tennis with one of the sisters who was in my
district in Bushwick because she is serving in Rego now and we had a
combined zone activity with their zone. So it was sweet! Also I got to
play some catch with another Elder who had a glove and a baseball! Man
I haven't done that in a pretty long time and it was a lot of fun! 

This week was a lot of fun! I learned some more Bengali and some Greek
as well! It was really cool! Last night I actually talked to a lady
from Greece in Greek! I mean it was a very tiny conversation but it
was still pretty fun! I told her that she was beautiful and that I
loved her haha! :) She was pretty happy! Don't worry she was about 80
so I wasn't flirting if that is what you all are thinking haha! 

 So some cool things that happened this week! We met a really cool guy
from Mexico! We met a guy outside a building by our house and we talked to him and set up a time to go and visit him on Friday! He has only been here in the US for 2 months and he is
so humble. He has been taught by the missionaries in Mexico already a
little bit and he is just such a loving guy. So on
Friday we talked to him and taught him about the importance of Baptism in the
church and how it really is a gift from God that he has given to us to
be able to come closer to Him and how we really desired that for him. He was so happy and just saying thank you. He feels that he wants to come closer to God. We invited
him to be baptized and he was really accepting and is excited. We are
going to teach him tonight with a member of the Bishopric and we are
amped! He is so great! Ordale! 

 We also taught our investigator from English class this week and he is  such a loving guy. We are excited to keep teaching him! We had some really good lessons this week! The
teaching that is going on here is really great and Elder Rogers and I are having a lot of fun.

We had a sweet experience this week! Our investigator couple from
English class invited us over to come and eat Paella! It is a typical
Spanish dish from Spain! It is pure seafood. And if you know me,
well me and seafood, we aren't the best of friends but let me tell you
it was so good! Maybe I got the gift of tongues in the sense of to
have stuff taste good that I don't usually like haha but I am not even
kidding it was great! It was full and I mean FULL of shrimp, mussels,
clams, tentacles, and all this other stuff with rice and it was great!
I had a lot of fun there. They are such great people. Right now, the husband
is just really set on not being religious and we will just take it one
step at a time. 

 Saturday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Rees who is from
Tennessee and maybe Evan and him know each other! We had a
lot of fun and had to eat a lot of food. I literally almost lost all
the food in my stomach at one point at a members house and it was
scary. But I survived! We had a great day together and had a lot of

Exchanges are just always full of miracles and it is so cool. We
went and taught a former investigator of theirs! First cool thing he
loves tennis! Connection there! He has the tennis channel on when we
were in the house and I was so distracted at first....I haven't seen
that channel in an eternity and so it was like a tender mercy from The
Lord... slash a temptation haha :) But we had a great lesson with him! He
already has a testimony of the church and he wants to join the church
holla! :) It was such a cool experience! It was a really fun day.

We also had a really uplifting zone meeting this week and it was so
great to be taught and uplifted by the spirit there. Elder Rogers and
I taught a workshop on the doctrine of Christ and I learned a lot
through studying and teaching it. It was great. The Spirit really does
truly teach you as you teach others. It is such a cool principle of
the Gospel. This week has been such a blessing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is wonderful! I love it! 

Love you all! 
Elder Waidmann

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