Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"I would not change what I am doing for anything"

Hey hey hey!

I mean hey! How are you all doing? I hope that you are all doing well
and that life is treating you all great! Because life here in New York
is incredible!

This week has been such an incredible week. Probably one of the most
memorable and fun weeks on my mission. It has been so full of
blessings and miracles. I really don't even know where to start.

First off, I want to tell you about our investigator “R”! Holy moly!
This guy is a miracle! He had been taught by the missionaries in
Mexico before and he was pretty interested and we found him last week
at our miracle building! WOW! He is such a great guy. So humble and
full of love. After our first lesson with him he shook our hands and
just gave Elder Rogers and I a big hug. I was really surprised to be
honest, but hey! We had a sweet lesson with one of the members of our
bishopric and “R” together on last Monday and it was great! “R”
loved it and he was just so happy to be here and to have met us. We
love him so much and he just really wants to change his life! He came
to church on Sunday and he loved it as well! It was so cool! There is
a brother who is offering a painting class and “R” asked me if he
could come and then the Elders Quorum President told him "Of
Course!" It was awesome :) He is such a good guy and he is so fun
to be with.

On Monday night went out and were talking to some people and 
we met a guy from India who wanted us to come to his cafe and buy coffee from him. Obviously we didn't, but he was a super cool guy and he told us that he knew how to speak Spanish 
(he really didn't which was pretty funny haha). Anyway so we 
kept walking and we heard someone shout "Hey guys!!" So we turn around and see a young guy point his fingers at us and motion for us to come to him. We were kind of
surprised and then went to go and talk to him. His name is “L” and he
is from Colombia and has lived here for 6 months. He is so cool!
He told us how he wants to consecrate his life to God and to change
and become better and how we knew what we taught was true! What in the
world? Come to find out, later he said that he had seen us talking to
people on the train and knew that we were servants of God. So cool! :)
We taught him on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It was so cool! He
loves learning! He is really smart and he knows the bible really well.
He is such a fun guy to be around! We had a ward activity on 
Saturday and we taught him beforehand and then he came to the activity with us 
and he loved it! :) He was introducing himself to everyone and they loved him! It was so so so funny. He would say hi to people and they would ask him where he was from and he
would always say, "Soy Colombiano!" "Hasta las medias" and they would
just all die! :) In Spanish it is hilarious, but in English not as much
haha. In English it means that he is “Colombian until his socks”. Pretty
great. Let me just tell you all.  We were talking to him the first time we
met him and he said "Are we going to talk about Doctrine or what?" and
we said of course! :) He is loving learning about the church and
loves the Book of Mormon! When he read that HE could pray to know that
the Book of Mormon was true (Read Moroni 10: 3-5) he just smiled and said “Amen”! Then when we told him that Jesus Christ came to America and his face was just awesome!
He was so shocked and then so happy! :) Needless to say he is amazing!

I love New York and all the crazy awesome things about it! Even if it means running after a bus for about 10 minutes not catching it, then having to walk home for over a half an hour in the rain with my companion. I wouldn't change what I am doing for anything. I love my life. I love God. He is our Father. He hears our prayers and answers them in HIS time. Miracles are real and we just have to have the faith and show Him that we really truly do desire the best for others around us.  Love
and Charity go a long way. You can never go poor by giving away love
and I know that is true!

New York is my home and I love it here!

Much love!

Elder Waidmann


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