Monday, April 14, 2014



Elder park and I went to flushing! Frushing!!! :) haha (that is how the Chinese people say it here which is pretty funny)

So we joined their compliment street sweep! They just had a bunch of posters saying good things about people and telling them to be happy and smile and that they were loved and such and it was pretty cool! And this was in Flushing which is like 70% Chinese so that was pretty great! I got to use my limited Chinese again with people and that was pretty cool! So all of the missionaries were just saying hi to everyone and complimenting them on things about them and making them feel happy and loved! And to make them smile of course!  Holy cow that was so much fun! I love the city! I really do! It is so much fun to go back in there and just be able to have people all around you. It is something that I love! Especially as a missionary!  It was great to see elders that I have been around and served with in the past! Lots of fun! Flushing is a great place! It is one of the few times that I have been in that area and I love it!

 And Josef! or Jose! Our new suuuuuuuper borracho (drunk) friend who loves to curse at everyone! The guy was a little off his rocker that day let me tell you! Seriously though. I have never seen someone that drunk before and that diligent to talk to us at the same time. He hugged Elder Izaat like 10 times! And very awkwardly as well. So Jose told me that I am from England and that he is from America even though he totally hails from Honduras! He has been to England 3 times! More English than me haha! He was speaking in Spanish when he said this to me "Look we live in America right?" and I said yeah of course! And he said "Where are your parents from?" and I said America of course. And then he said..."No they aren't! They are from England!" So apparently my parents are from England now. Fun fact of the day!

So let us go to the beginning of the we met Jose. Our new beloved friend. He started talking to us by cursing at a Sister and an Elder as he walked by them using some not so nice language. Which is sometimes pretty normal as a missionary here in New York to hear from people. Most of the time we hear it and it just rolls right off because we don't let it bother us. But, with our new friend he stayed and kept talking and that just started off bad. Then at that point I kinda knew what the situation was starting to turn into. Then is when he began talking to us and saying the same thing over and over every couple minutes. In total it lasted about an hour which was pretty great!

 So as he continued walking after saying some words to the Elder and Sister missionaries that he talked to at first he made his way over to me and another Elder and Sister and came right up in front of us. He was in our faces pretty good. This is when I realized he was seriously under the influence of some alcohol. You could smell it emanating off of him. He kept trying to say things to us which didn't make too much sense because he was slurring his words and what he was trying to say just wasn't coming out right I guess. He started to harass the sister missionary that was with us.

  Sister Elder izaat called him to repentance and told him to go home and stop drinking and to take care of his family.

And that is when this great love just formed between Jose and him. He called Elder Izaat "his boy"
after he told him to stop being drunk and that is where the constant hugging began. We also told him to stop wasting his money on that stuff.

He then proceeded to talk to me in spanish about elder izaat for about 10 minutes and then just like he did to elder izaat he hugged me. Like 5 times oh my goodness it was ridiculous. He smelt of alcohol sooooo
bad! and told me to pray for izaat because he is dangerous and could kill me and 5 people and could break our bones....yeah.. and to pray for izaat and to pray for him. I told him to stop drinking and to stop cursing. Haha and to top it off earlier in the conversation he totally blew his nose right in front of us and then tried to wipe it on sister dean...for real...yeah ridiculous. This guy. He is a child of our Heavenly Father. I was super annoyed at first and at then end a little frustrated but now that I think back on that, I would have NEVER
talked to that guy if I wasn't a missionary. NEVER. It just goes to show how much love The Lord can pump through you when you need it and I really was able to be patient with him even though he was super drunk and completely crazy. It is situations like this that make me grateful for the lords protection and his care over us as His missionaries. It was super sketchy at first and he was trying to get all up in sister deans grill and I was not having that at all. I was trying to stand in front of her and get her out of the way but little sister energy filled dean is just so nice and loving and wanted to talk to him still haha. It was a very interesting experience
nonetheless and crazy to say I am so grateful for it. I know that I will never forget it as long as I live. Oh man. Jose. If that is even his name. Thanks be to God for his love because I really hope that Jose can find it. Because he needs some mercy in his life! ;)

The Lords hand is so gentle that he puts these little attributes such as patience in you to help you deal with, or talk with people like this and somehow develop love for them and not punch them no matter how much the natural man inside of you wants to haha. Josef. Really liked to curse. Drink, that's for sure. Is from America? NO, Honduras let's be real here. Speaks english and spanish. Loves touching Elder Izaat's head and hugging him for no reason and calling him "His Boy". Hates me at first but loves me at the end. Quoted Nacho Libre
PERFECTLY when he said "Take it easy!" and put his arm up to block me from talking to him and told me to be quiet. Even though I am pretty sure he has never even seen the movie at all. Loves to leave his backpack on the ground when talking to you and when you try to give it back to him he says "it doesn't matter" even when you try to convince him that someone is trying to steal to hug you. Very touchy
dude. Loves to tell me how I need to pray for Elder Izaat because he could kill me, 5 other people, break my bones, he is effing strong, no, just strong after a clean up of language, and loses his balance a little when he talks to you. He also wreaks of wonderful alcohol breath and loves his Michigan Wolverines, I think, his jacket said so at least. He loves to talk to sister dean and cuss out sister lee and elder woodward. He also thought that I was going to hook him up with my sisters...yeah I told him that "Ellas ya son casadas" (they are
already married) so he was pretty sad about that one haha. That is when I am proud to have older sisters. He asked if I had a little one and he wanted me to "presentar" (introduce) him to them. Yeah right bro....let's be honest here. No hispanic drunk dude who looks like he has a mini beard from the shang hi dynasty, and who spits before he leaves and he is done talking to me is going to meet any of my family let alone my sisters...I was already uncomfortable enough when you were trying to get in Sister Deans face. Nope! You are wrong my friend. Go and be sober brotha! Yeah that is Josef for you....we go way for about 45 minutes worth and almost the same conversation on repeat ever 10 minutes. I hope he doesn't drink anymore and gets the Gospel in his life, because lord knows that he needs it!

Anyway after that we tried to visit some Korean members in flushing! Park bong ye! And that was dec! And I realized that I lost my wallet! Oh snap! But after searching at the church and having the feeling that
it was in my Brooklyn industries bag the whole was. The spirit never lies haha. And The Lord answers and hears all prayers!
G.O.E.! :) I love that!

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