Friday, October 25, 2013

God, He just keeps on Giving!

I have to start off saying the words wow. That is about all that I can use to describe the blessings, well in better words miracles here in Brooklyn New York. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His church are continuing forward and it is being spread to all ends of the Earth to everyone especially those who are pure in heart and looking for the truth in their lives.

This week has been one full of amazing miracles let me just say. After our lesson with Miguel on Tuesday night of this week we honestly were completely floored. This man is so ready to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his life. I remember thinking a while back how these types of miracles don't happen very often, but now my opinion has really taken a 180 degreee turn. I KNOW that these miracles happen all of the time. It is just a matter of the missionaries exercising their faith, praying, and doing the best that they can. The Lord always prepares His children at times in their lives to accept this Gospel and to put it into practice in their lives.

So on Wednesday of this week we had 2 appointments at the same time so Elder Martinez and I parted ways with each other for a little bit sadly! I went on a mini exchange with Elder Bills to visit a member in our ward Hermano Nocelo, and Elder Martinez stayed at the church with Elder Garcia to teach Miguel again!

So the night went great! Elder Bills and I had a wonderful time at our appointment and on our way back we met a man who was here in New York visiting from Brazil! Oh how I wish that I knew Portugese! It is so sweet! But I do have to learn Spanish first because I am definitely not perfect let me tell you all! :) So when we got back with the Elders and met up with them I got to here the story of how the lesson went. Oh my goodness. Miguel. This man is just incredible. As Elder Garcia and Elder Martinez were teaching him and talking to him about the Book of Mormon and how it could bless his life he told the Elders that he already knew it was true! Oh my goodness. It is amazing to see how when some people really are ready to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ the really are READY. I have noticed, especially here as a missionary how everything honestly just makes sense to the people we are teaching. The things that they learn just add to their joy of their previos knowledge and they in turn have even more to treasure than before. I love seeing the light in their eyes. Their spirits are lifted and they just smile because they know, and more importantly, can feel from the power of the Holy Ghost that it is true. Our new friend Miguel is a prime example of this. He has told us of how he wants to leave his previous life behind him, because when he moved here he fell away from God and fell into things that weren't good for him. However now, his resolve to change and leave everything behind him is something that completely motivates me. His determination is incredible. All he wants to is follow Christ and he wants to do it so badly! He told us how he is already changing his work schedule so he can come to church next Sunday and how if he needed to he would ask for less work so he can come to church. This man is amazing!

We taught him yesterday of the Plan of Salvation one of the most pure and beautiful doctrines that we believe as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And he was just so incredibly happy learning about it. As we got closer toward the close of the lesson Elder Martinez asked Miguel if he would like to be baptized on the 24th of November, and Miguel responded so fast and excitedly "Por supuesto!" (Of Course!!). It was one of the most amazing things to hear because Miguel knows that this is the Church of Christ that has been restored completely once again on the Earth today.

In closing all I can say is one more time, wow. This is the true work of our Savior Jesus Christ. He loves us. Our Heavenly Father loves us, and we are here for a reason. I know that for a fact. I have no doubt about it. Please remember YOU are loved even when you might not feel like it, you are. That I know with all of my heart. Our God is a God or miracles and all that He wants for us is to be happy. He just keeps on giving! This Gospel, as we live it, and put it into practice in our lives, brings peace. It brings joy and a true and lasting happiness. One that we can only feel as we follow our savior. I love being a missionary. I love this work. I love my family. I love you all so very much. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He Lives. And please remember there are those like Miguel waiting and searching for the truth. So for those of you who are already members and have these blessings; share them. For those of you who are my dear and beloved friends please experience this joy that awaits you. This is the reason why I am happy and I know that it is something that we all are searching and hoping for, even though sometimes we don't think so. It fills our lives with light and hope for a better future. I love you all, and remember as Thomas S. Monson says "The Future is as Bright as Your FAITH"

With Love from Brooklyn!
Elder Waidmann

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